Selection, Implementation and Use of Next Generation Proton Therapy Join Mevion for a lunchtime symposium to hear first-hand experience with the HYPERSCAN pencil beam scanning system. A panel of administrators and clinicians from three comprehensive cancer centers will discuss the decision process to select and implement a next generation proton system including a discussion of the first proton therapy treatments with HYPERSCAN PBS in the world. Proton therapy is a recognized treatment option that affords significant advantages over traditional radiotherapy. With recent technological advances, proton therapy is more versatile and cost-effective than ever before. The new Mevion HYPERSCAN system, received FDA and CE clearance earlier this year, and is under installation at centers in the US and Europe. This symposium will review how this new system was selected as the best solution for each hospital, how it is integrated into existing radiation oncology departments, and how these centers plan to use the system clinically.