16. Investing in healthier cities: “insuring” prevention

Organised by World Health Organization The health insurance sector is engaged in the politics of pooling health risks while city mayors are in the politics of managing cities. Most of the focus of the health insurance sector is around reducing the costs of treatment rather than prevention for better health and well-being with a subsequent reduced need for treatment. This session proposes to introduce promotive and preventive health into the politics of health insurance and thus encourage healthier cities. It will cover how city mayors can work together with health insurance agencies and companies, guided by health experts, to provide a platform where members of the public and particularly clients of the insurance companies receive information on promoting healthy lifestyle choices and prevention and early treatment of NCDs. The modalities of how this can be initiated and implemented will be discussed and the potential and approaches for improving health literacy for NCDs also explored. Mayors will be encouraged to champion this initiative even as it expands beyond cities. Full programme available online: https://www.ehfg.org/archive/2017/conference/ehfg2017/w1/